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80,000+ attend Songs For Freedom competitions
700+ children in our Advocacy Program
300,000 children living
in slavery

Stand up for the freedom of 

all children in Haiti


Our mission is simple: We plan to end child slavery in Haiti in our lifetimes.

Every action we take — whether it be caring for restavek children, conversing with families about the harsh realities of the practice, or spurring community leaders to effect permanent change — is done with this goal in mind.

You can’t end child slavery in the future unless you’re working on behalf of child slaves in the present. That’s why we’ve instituted programs to ADVOCATE on the behalf of restavek children.

Change in action requires change in attitudes. And changes in attitudes take time. With that in mind, we’re devoted to engaging with cultural norms that contribute to restavek, exerting INFLUENCE over the way the practice is viewed.

Influence and advocacy can only go so far. Real change requires action. It requires courage and determination, a willingness to MOBILIZE for justice. It requires the government to pass laws and officers to enforce them. It requires religious and community leaders to stand up for justice, building a Haiti in which the word restavek is obsolete.

That’s the Haiti we’re working toward.


Tomorrow morning in Haiti, a child will wake up to cook food she will never eat and wash clothes she will never wear. She will fetch food from the market and water from the well, all for a family that isn't hers, that will probably never treat her as one of their own.

Her name is Nadine, age 9. Or it's Fernande, age 7, or Doudane, age 14.

She is, like more than 300,000 other children in Haiti, a restavek.


See and hear what Restavek Freedom is doing in Haiti. Each photograph, video or news brief will give you a glimpse into the life of a restavek and an idea of what our staff in Haiti does. It tells their story.


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