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Bezeline was a second grader when she joined our program in 2011. When we first found her, she was living in an orphanage because her mother simply could not afford to meet her essential needs. Last year, Bezeline’s older brother was able to find work and offer her a place to live. Bezeline was then able to live her life without wondering when she would have another opportunity to eat or how she would find a uniform for school. However, this change was short-lived. When I was informed earlier this year that Bezeline had been absent from school for several weeks, I immediately called her to find out what was happening. She told me that her brother had lost his job, and he could not afford to buy her a new pair of new shoes.  The pair she owned was torn, and they cost ten Haitian dollars to repair; her brother couldn’t afford to fix them. So she was forced to stay at home, while hoping that her brother would find the money. We had an appointment with her at school, and we could actually see that her shoes were completely torn and her feet were almost naked.

While she was talking to me about this situation she was facing, her voice showed how sad she was, and embarrassed about the situation.  After my interview with her by telephone, I decided to go out and get her new shoes. Something as simple as a pair of shoes allowed her to regain her confidence. Bezeline is excited to go back to school after being gone and to see her friends again.

When we make a child happy, we are filled with happiness; their joy is our joy.

If you would like to help give a child like Bezeline a pair of shoes, visit


Robenson Saint-Hilaine, Child Advocate

Monday, September 22, 2014 5:20:00 PM

Summer Camp


Summertime is the best time of the year for some of our kids. School is out of session, and it’s finally time for summer camp!! Summer camp with Restavèk Freedom is full of laughter, games, creativity, educational enrichment, and plenty of fun!! This summer we held the program for four weeks. We were expecting 25 kids, but were thrilled when our enrollment doubled. We had a wonderful team of leaders who worked very hard to make the program a huge success. The kids came three times a week to:

  • improve their French and Math skills

  • learn about their bodies through our sex education lessons from Nadine and Samuel,

  • learn how to make bracelets with thread from Nathacha;

  • learn about health, the environment, and how to let go of stress with Samuel, Djougine, and Nadine;

  • sing songs with another of our child advocates, Osbert

  • and lastly, to enjoy the various outdoor activities with the help of numerous RFF staff.


This summer camp  was designed to create a stress-free environment.  We focused on helping the kids unwind while giving them the space to release negative emotions which create mental and physical problems in their lives.

We wanted to make each child feel special when he or she walked into the school each day. Our goals were met, and the kids enjoyed themselves so much that they didn’t want to leave when camp ended. The kids were always ready to play, scream, jump, and sing. We believe that a strong sense of self-worth can make a huge impact in how our kids behave and how they react to the challenges of life. We’re looking forward to having another unforgettable summer camp experience next year.


Djougine, Child Advocate

Friday, August 15, 2014 2:48:00 PM


Friday, June 27, 2014 11:26:54 AM

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