Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund

Hurricane Matthew has devasted communities in South Haiti, where we have been serving for many years. Many homes have been ruined, crops and livestock are destroyed, and clean water sources are compromised. Hundreds of lives have been lost. We are currently focused on helping our employees and partners in this catastrophic disaster as well as the greater community where we serve. Their situation is bleak, as the majority of them now have no homes, no water, nothing to eat, and their possessions are gone. There is an immediate, pressing need to provide food, clean water, and temporary shelter. There is a very real potential crisis in these communities regarding sickness, malnutrition, exposure, and dehydration.

Together we can provide real, tangible hope. 100% of your contributions goes directly to supporting our efforts to serve communities affected by Hurricane Matthew. We will post updates on our Facebook page. Thank you for providing critical relief and hope to those affected by this devastating storm.

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